Metal price quotation

Russian aluminum exports doubled to 6.5 billion US dollars in the first ten months of this year. Kazakhstan's aluminum production is declining this year, although prices will also reflect the growth of exports. This metal has great prospects for Kazakhstan — with an increase in the price of electricity in China, the price of aluminum will also increase, on the other side of the ocean in the United States, the demand for it is fueled by a new infrastructure package, which means our exports will benefit, especially if we can increase its production. Copper prices have always been a good indicator of the recovery of industrial production and the economy as a whole — now prices in the world are high, but for some time they have been frozen at $9,500 per ton. Kazakhstan is also reducing copper production this year. But our republic is increasing the extraction and production of gold, zinc and iron ore. Given the overall high level of raw material prices in all positions, an increase in exports is expected.