Industrial cooperation

The Kazakhstan Center for Industry and Export contributes to increasing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized businesses by providing information, analytical and consulting services and organizing, optimizing and coordinating the establishment of cooperative ties between industrial enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan. (neither as not foreign)
One of the most significant projects of QazIndustry to improve competitiveness is the Supplier Development Service, implemented jointly with the World Bank and the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Supplier Development Service project

Additionally, QazIndustry provides assistance to domestic suppliers in concluding long-term guaranteed contracts.
We hold meetings between large customers and domestic manufacturers on the issues of providing domestic producers with long-term contracts, as well as analytical reports and materials on long-term procurement plans for goods, works and services are formed to form a list of goods, works and services that are in constant demand and determine a list of potential domestic manufacturers for them. Currently, assistance has been provided under 25 long-term contracts.
An exchange of subcontracts is held annually with the participation of large, medium and small businesses, subsurface user companies and system-forming enterprises.

Subcontract Exchange

Analysis of the development of the "professional services" sector in order to determine the potential and measures to improve their competitiveness.
In order to promote the improvement of competencies in the professional services sector, an analysis of the needs of enterprises in specialized services is carried out.
Within the framework of this work, a Map of domestic suppliers for specialized services (geological exploration, engineering, training, consulting and IT services) was formed and the most popular services for system-forming enterprises, subsurface users, national companies and holdings were identified.