Governing body

Management Board

The Management Board of joint-stock company "Kazakhstani Institute of Industrial Development" is a collegial executive body, which has competence to solve all the issues of QAZINDUSTRY JSC, not assigned by the Law and other legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Charter of QAZINDUSTRY JSC to the competence of other management bodies of QAZINDUSTRY JSC. The Management Board of QAZINDUSTRY JSC is obliged to implement the decisions of the general meeting of shareholders and the Board of Directors. The main tasks of the Management Board are to develop proposals on the business strategy of QAZINDUSTRY JSC, to implement the financial and economic policies of QAZINDUSTRY JSC, to work out the decisions on most important issues of its current economic activity and to coordinate the work of its divisions, to increase the efficiency of inspection system and risk monitoring system, to enforce rights and legitimate interests of shareholders.

Bekenov Berik Temirgalievich

The Chairman of the Board of JSC «Qazindustry»

Шакимов Алибек Тимуржанович

Заместитель Председателя Правления

Рахметов Нурлыбек Жексенович

Заместитель Председателя Правления

Дауешов Марат Еркинович

Руководитель аппарата – член Правления