Analytical services

The Kazakhstan Center for Industry and Export "Qazindustry" regularly conducts information and analytical research on a number of manufacturing industries: metallurgy, mechanical engineering, construction materials production, chemical, light, pharmaceutical, woodworking, furniture and paper industries.

The main analytical activity is aimed at:
1. In-depth analysis of the supervised industries: market research, identification of factors and barriers, development of system and point recommendations;
2. Formation of industrial policy in the field of manufacturing industry;
3. Forecast and preparation of economic models for the development of the manufacturing industry;
4. Participation in the development of state programs for the development of the country's economy;
5. Integration of ideas and proposals for the development of manufacturing industries;
6. Formation of investment proposals for the localization of goods;
7. Solving cases on problematic issues in industry;
8. Preparation of industry conclusions and expert reviews of investment projects for state support measures.


QazIndustry also provides commercial analytical research services for both the quasi-public sector and business structures.
Our works:
- Analysis "On the state of the chemical industry and measures of state support for entrepreneurs";
- Report on the topic: "Solving the problems of import substitution through the development of industrial cooperation of the Member States (EAEU) based on the analysis of industrial complexes and the common market of the EAEU";
- Analytical study "Development of the cable products market in the Republic of Kazakhstan" for Hebei Huatong Group JSC;
- Report: "Research in the field of industrial development of the Republic of Kazakhstan" for "Zerde-Ceramics"LLP;
- Report: "Development of the light industry market in the Republic of Kazakhstan" for «Ycc metal ve plastic uryunleri sanayi ve tijaret»;
- Report: "Overview of the development of the tourism industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan "for JSC" FRP "Damu", etc.