Industry development

The Kazakhstan Center for Industry and Export "QazIndustry", striving to promote the growth of the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, conducts research on the extraction of metal ores and on the branches of the manufacturing industry. These are such industries as metallurgy, mechanical engineering, production of building materials, chemical, light, pharmaceutical, woodworking, furniture and paper industries.

QazIndustry analysts are working to identify the most promising niches for the development of manufacturing products in the manufacturing industry.
Expert assessments and industry-specific conclusions on investment projects are also being prepared within the framework of state support tools for subjects of industrial and innovative activity.

On a monthly basis, QazIndustry publishes digests on the current state of the manufacturing industry in a number of industries: MMC, mechanical engineering, chemical, pharmaceutical, light, furniture industry, construction materials industry.

Digests contain information on production (including in the regional context), exports, imports and the volume of the domestic market, as well as information on changes in these indicators for the current period.

You can get acquainted with the digests on our website in the Press Center-Digests section.