Development of regions

The Kazakhstan Center for Industry and Export "QazIndustry" coordinates work on regional development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including monitoring of industrial and innovative development of the regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as developing proposals for further development and deepening specialization in the manufacturing industry and improving the competitiveness of enterprises in the regions.

On an ongoing basis, information, methodological and consulting support is provided for the maintenance of the Industrialization Map and Business Support Maps of the regions.

QazIndustry is also authorized to organize and coordinate work on cluster development issues in the Republic of Kazakhstan, including maintaining a register of cluster initiatives with subsequent monitoring of the state of clusters.

Our analysts take part in the formation of the state policy of support and development of regions and the development of proposals for its implementation in the manufacturing industry.

Analytical studies are being conducted to study the current situation, prospects, and opportunities for the development of regions, taking into account the resource potential of the regions of Kazakhstan.