Development strategy of Kazakhstan center for industry and export QazIndustry JSC for 2020-2024

Defines the directions and goals of QazIndustry's activities in the context of the implementation of SPIID 2020-2025, aimed at creating and developing a competitive manufacturing industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the domestic and foreign markets and reflects the proactive role of QazIndustry in the process of industrial and innovative development of the country for the upcoming 5-year period.

Approved by the decision of the Board of Directors dated March 30, 2020, minutes No. 04.


Promote the growth of competitiveness of the manufacturing industry and related sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan.


Become a national Think Tank (think tank) for the development of industry and related industries in Kazakhstan by 2025, as well as an effective operator for providing state incentives to manufacturing enterprises.

The long-term development of The society is focused on achieving leadership that will allow it to become a Think Tank in the long-term development of the national economy.

Strategic directions of QazIndustry

  • Expert and analytical activities as a (think tank) for the development of industry and related industries in Kazakhstan.
  • Providing systematic and direct measures of state incentives in the manufacturing industry.
  • Assistance to the development of industries and economic spheres related to the manufacturing industry.
  • Coordination of development of special economic and industrial zones of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Institutional development of QazIndustry.

Strategic objectives and initiatives

  • Information and analytical support for SPIID 2020-2025

  • System analysis of modern industrialization and global trends

  • Participation in the implementation of systemic measures to support the development of the manufacturing industry

  • Providing direct state incentives to manufacturing enterprises
  • Support for the development of individual industries and areas related to the manufacturing industry
  • Measures aimed at improving the efficiency of QazIndustry
  • Monitoring and analysis of the results of the implementation of SPIID 2020-2025. Reviews and analysis of industries, product groups, products, internal and external markets, CDCS. Preparation of proposals for the development of industries, markets, integration processes, development of solutions to systemic interagency and coordination problems of the program implementation.
  • Analysis of the most successful country strategies for industrial and innovative development of the economy and problems of industrial development. The study of the concepts and practices of Industry 4.0. Targeted cooperation with scientific, expert and business communities.
  • Support for the development of regional brands, clusters, the industry 4.0 competence center, the analytical platform for digital transformation, and integration processes in Kazakhstan. Assistance in concluding long-term contracts and offtake contracts for the purchase of goods from domestic manufacturers, attracting investment. Formation of the supplier development service.
  • Improving the efficiency and quality of operator services. The increase in business.

  • Information and analytical support and development of proposals for the development of related industries and sectors of the economy. Development and implementation of measures to support the development of transport and logistics.
  • The improvement of corporate governance. Development of competencies, including the development of new industry competencies, development of research tools. Commercialization of services. Digital transformation of the office, reengineering and automation of business processes. Improvement of basic working conditions. Maintaining a favorable microclimate. Increase transparency in the Company's activities, including increasing awareness and promotion on the Internet.