Increase in labor productivity

One of the main tasks of JSC "Kazakhstan Center for Industry and Export "QazIndustry" is the analysis of labor productivity and production factors in the manufacturing industry, including the formation of recommendations for improving labor productivity in the manufacturing industry.

The labor productivity indicator is a universal indicator of the competitiveness of the economy and enterprises. OECD studies show that labor productivity growth plays a key role in increasing the income and well-being of the population.

Labor productivity is a broad concept that covers and concerns many factors of industrial development and the importance of the issue requires a comprehensive consideration of all the main elements that make up this indicator.

Within the framework of current tasks, production and economic factors affecting labor productivity growth, manufacturing enterprises of Kazakhstan that are drivers of labor productivity growth, as well as challenges and barriers that negatively affect the level of labor productivity growth are considered in order to develop recommendations for further structural transformations.
As a result, recommendations will be developed on systemic and targeted measures aimed at improving labor productivity in Kazakhstan, including:

    • formation of targeted support for participating enterprises, including expert and methodological support;
    • optimization of production and office processes using lean manufacturing tools to create sample flows;
    • formation of a project management system and creation of infrastructure for the introduction of a culture of continuous improvement;
    • training of employees on the production site and training of trainers for the subsequent transfer of knowledge;
    • preparing managers and employees for the transformation of the production culture.