Strategic directions

The long-term development strategy of "QazIndustry" Kazakhstan Center for Industry and Export" JSC was approved by the decision of the Board of Directors dated March 30, 2020 (Minutes No. 04) and defines the strategic goals and key development directions until 2024.

In accordance with the development strategy until 2024, the main strategic activities of QazIndustry for the planned period are:
Expert and analytical activity as a "think tank" for the development of industry and related industries in Kazakhstan
Provision of systematic and direct measures of state incentives in the manufacturing industry
Promoting the development of industries and sectors of the economy related to the manufacturing industry
Coordination of the development of special economic and industrial zones of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Institutional development of QazIndustry
The mission of QazIndustry is to contribute to the growth of the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry and related sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan.

The vision of QazIndustry by 2025 is to become a national Think Tank ("think tank") for the development of industry and related industries in Kazakhstan, as well as an effective operator for providing state incentives to manufacturing enterprises.