Kaizen helps save raw materials and water in production

ТОО «Феррум Контракт»

The company for the production of natural mineral water Ferrum Contract introduced the Kaizen method - a lean manufacturing practice. Part of the enterprise’s costs for increasing labor productivity in the amount of 14 million tenge was reimbursed by the Kazakhstan Center for Industry and Export “QazIndustry”.

As representatives of Ferrum Contract shared with us, the introduction of well-known Japanese practices into work had a positive effect. Plant workers learned to save raw materials, and most importantly, water and electricity costs decreased.

“Last year, the plant underwent training on the implementation of the Kaizen lean production system,” says Daniyar Kakimov, director of Ferrum Contract LLP. - We invited a trainer who taught employees the principles of Kaizen, introduced them to eight types of losses in production, and taught them how to find problem areas and quickly eliminate them. The training gave a positive result: employees learned to save raw materials, especially PET containers, glue and labels, and most importantly, water and electricity costs decreased. This saves money."

The West Kazakhstan company Ferrum Contract is engaged in the production and bottling of natural mineral water. The plant is located in the village of Birlik, Taskalinsky district. 14 people are employed in production.

The company produces 2,000 0.5-liter bottles, 1,000 one-liter bottles and 700 1.5-liter containers per hour.

The analysis of Kaizen results also revealed improvements in process water reuse. It is used for washing tanks and large bottles. In summer, this water is used to water trees, which reduces its consumption and saves money on utilities.

“We plan to use part of the costs that QazIndustry reimbursed us for further improvement of production and technological processes, as well as for training workers and improving their competencies,” shared D. Kakimov.

Let us remind you that QazIndustry provides services to stimulate industry in the form of reimbursement of part of the costs of enterprises. Expenses may be aimed at increasing labor productivity or promoting products on the domestic market.

For example, industrial enterprises can reimburse costs previously aimed at increasing the competence of workers, improving technological processes, introducing digital technologies, conducting certification and laboratory tests of products, registering certificates, and more.

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