Metal price quotation

Copper is rising in price again after a slight correction, and analysts predict further growth as economies recover and electric vehicles develop. Citi raised its forecast for aluminum prices — the average price of $2,900 in the next three months and already $3,100 in six months or years, in 2022, in their opinion, there will be an adjustment to $3,000. China is to blame for everything. The Chinese government's environmental initiatives are shaking up commodity markets and even jeopardizing economic growth in the country. These initiatives are divided into long-term and short-term. The first are related to achieving carbon neutrality by 2060, the second are designed to ensure clear skies over Beijing during the Winter Olympics in February — no coal and car smog. High prices for metals and coal will support inflationary pressure in the Chinese economy. Expensive and less affordable steel is hitting the construction sector, both around the world and in Kazakhstan.