A meeting with the delegation of the Turkish company Ayzer Döküm took place in QazIndustry

Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC "Kazakhstan Industry and Export Center "QazIndustry" Marat Bopazov held a meeting with the heads of the Turkish foundry Ayzer Döküm Fatih Kekebir and Ozkan Men.

During the meeting, Turkish investors were informed about the main activities of QazIndustry, as well as about the opportunities and working conditions in the territories of Kazakhstan's special economic and industrial zones.

Also, investors were presented with support measures provided by QazIndustry to subjects of industrial and innovative activity.

The parties discussed the possibilities of further cooperation and prospects for the implementation of the project for the construction of a plant on the territory of the FEZ.

To date, the investor is interested in implementing an export-oriented project for the production of spare parts (cylinder cover, valve cast part, crank cast part, valves, pumps, etc.) for the automotive industry.

In this connection, the company plans to visit regional FEZs to study the market and the need for manufactured products. 

For reference:

Founded in September 2004, Ayzer Dokum specializes in the production of spherical graphite cast iron and cast iron weighing from 0.15 kg to 200 kg.

The Ayzer Dokum foundry is located on an area of
9,000 sq.m. in the industrial zone of Hadymkoyatürk in Istanbul, the production capacity of the plant is 5400 tons per year.

The company offers its customers the most modern production technologies at all stages, from the first step in the form of technical drawings or samples, to their transformation into the final product.

The main mission of Ayzer Dokum is to increase the company's exports to countries with the world's largest economy, exceeding the company's current production capacity.

95% of Ayzer Dokum products are exported to Western European countries like Germany and the UK (valves and pumps) to car manufacturers.

Ayzer Dokum produces parts of the tractor-automotive group. For example, vibration-absorbing parts for BMW 3 and 5 series diesel engines. In addition, the steering boxes of Mercedes G on-board cars, parts for the defense industry, and hydraulic pump housings used in the Kirpi model produced by Katmerciler Grubu are produced from the Ayzer Dokum plant. They also produce spare parts for Türk Tractor and Hema Group, pulleys of Aston Martin engines, one of Italy's automotive brands.

Ayzer performs all foundry work for Alarko's Water Group. In general, there is a wide range of products from cars to machine tools, from pumps to valves and water meters.