According to the Industrialization Map, 83 projects worth 1 trillion tenge were introduced in Kazakhstan

In November 2021, according to the industrialization map, 83 projects totaling 1 trillion tenge were commissioned by the regions, about 9 thousand new permanent jobs were created.
The most significant projects of the Industrialization Map for the current year are the modernization of the Zhayrem GOK and the construction of an enrichment plant (145 billion tenge, 381 jobs), the expansion of processing capacities of the Aktogay GOK (396 billion tenge, 700 jobs), the construction of the Saryarkinsky ferroalloy plant (35 billion tenge, 400 jobs), the opening of the production of electrical equipment in Petropavlovsk (10 billion tenge, 300 jobs), the opening of a localization center for the production of agricultural machinery and automotive components in the Kostanay region (12.6 billion tenge, 450 jobs), opening of a gold recovery factory in Akmola region (64.9 billion tenge, 242 jobs).
In general, this year, the regions plan to launch 139 projects totaling 1.3 trillion tenge with the creation of 12.7 thousand new permanent jobs within the Industrialization Map.
At the same time, by 2025, the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development plans to launch 490 manufacturing projects worth more than 13.3 trillion tenge with the creation of about 102.5 thousand permanent jobs.