Exports of Kazakhstani sodium cyanide have doubled

Last year, demand for domestic sodium cyanide increased by 19.5% - from 4.1 thousand to 4.9 thousand tons. In value terms, this is 34.2% more - $15.8 million in 2022 and $21.2 million in 2023. This was reported by the Directorate for the Development of MMC and Chemistry QazIndustry.

“The increase in sodium cyanide exports is due to the demand of Tajikistan,” the report says.

Sodium cyanide is widely used in the mining, metallurgical and gold mining industries. The substance is used for gilding and galvanizing of metal products.

In Kazakhstan, sodium cyanide is produced by only one company - Talas Investment Company. The enterprise's capacity is 15 thousand tons per year. In the CIS, only four factories produce these products.


HS 283711 Cyanides and sodium cyanide oxide

2022 г.

2022 12 months

12 months 2023/2022


4 113,0

4 916,0


Thousand USD

15 815,3

21 217,0