QazIndustry explained the conditions and mechanisms for providing state incentive measures for representatives of foreign institutions

From June 21 to 24, 2021, JSC «Kazakhstan Center for Industry and Export «QazIndustry» (hereinafter - QazIndustry) took part in a series of webinars on the topic «Mechanism for attracting and measures to support investments», organized by JSC «National Company «KAZAKHINVEST» for representatives of 69 embassies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Within the framework of these webinars, mechanisms for attracting investments, supporting large projects and new investment support tools were highlighted.
More than 104 people took part in the active discussion.
The speaker of QazIndustry acquainted the participants with the conditions and procedure for reimbursing part of the costs for increasing the productivity of industrial enterprises.
According to Arstanbek Sagiyev, director of the Center for Development and Monitoring of QazIndustry Support Tools, there are also tools that may be of interest to potential foreign investors as part of cost recovery.
Thus, it was noted about the possibility of reimbursement of costs associated with attracting a foreign employee to production (for example, a process engineer, production workers, etc.), as well as for the purpose of promoting products abroad (marketer), developing a feasibility study of map projects and other types of costs reimbursed by QazIndustry.
You can find out more about the current state incentive measures on the website

For reference: JSC «Kazakhstan Center for Industry and Export «QazIndustry» is the operator of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for improving labor productivity and reimburses the following types of costs:
1) reimbursement of expenses for improving the competence of the enterprise (training of employees and attracting foreign specialists);
2) reimbursement of costs for improving technological processes (technical and energy audit, IT consulting, industrial design, installation supervision and commissioning, equipment maintenance, industrial testing, engineering services, etc.);
3) reimbursement of costs for improving the efficiency of the production organization (introduction of management and production technologies, automated control systems, Kaizen, Kanban, introduction of elements of Industry 4.0);
4) reimbursement of costs for the development and / or examination of a comprehensive plan of an industrial and innovative project (for obtaining a lease and a feasibility study.
Applications are accepted in an online format all year round.